Full tensor gravity gradiometry (FTG) (not to be confused with gravimeter) is a technology of gravity field volumetric imaging that allows to detect density changes in the materials that make up the surrounding space. The result of such imaging is a three-dimensional model describing the substances in the object of study.

The technology is based on the fact that any physical object has a gravitational field that contributes and leaves a trace in the structure of the Earth's gravity field. The trace of each object is unique and depends on its location, shape, size and density. A volumetric imaging of the gravity field makes it possible to identify the objects that form it. In effect, it is a new way of perceiving space, that is more advanced and informative than vision and echolocation.

The development of gravity gradiometry technology is of no less significance than the invention of the camera image sensor, without which it would be difficult to imagine the modern world.

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Project overview brochure, current status and plans

Presentation for the field of mineral exploration

Gravity gradiometry opens up qualitatively new possibilities in many areas. For example, in navigation it makes system independent from satellites and radio signals, and in the field of mineral exploration it greatly simplifies the process of exploration and can work in conditions where other methods cannot be used.

Applications of gravity gradiometry technology:

  • Mineral prospecting and exploration — search and density analysis of unrevealed masses in the Earth's interior.
  • Global navigation — self-contained global navigation for underwater, land and air transport.
  • Ecology — monitoring of ecosystems with zero intervention factor.
  • Climatology — monitoring of changes in climate and natural systems, including Arctic ice and ocean currents.
  • Prevention of natural disasters — monitoring of movement of unrevealed masses including landslides and avalanches.
  • Public security — non-intrusive cargo inspection systems.
  • Building and maintenance control of structures — non-intrusive density analysis.

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